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Cash management
without the chaos

Esker’s Accounts Payable automation software allows businesses to eliminate the pains of manual AP invoice processing with AI-driven data capture, touchless processing, and electronic workflow capabilities. The end result? A simpler, more efficient way to process invoices, manage cashflow and generate new revenue.

Esker is here to help your AP department avoid:

  • Dissatisfied suppliers & AP staff
  • Limited control & visibility of process
  • Missed vendor discounts & late penalties
  • Longer reconciliation & payment cycles

“Esker gives you the ability to control and to be able to understand where you have opportunities to get discounts. We have been able to process invoices about 3 times faster than we were in the past.”

Dustin Collins, CIO at Element Solutions, Inc. (ESI)

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Automation + AI

Free up your finance team with
ultimate speed & visibility

By automating the source-to-pay (S2P) cycle and utilising the latest in AI-driven technologies, Esker frees up Finance professionals from time-consuming tasks, allowing them to be more efficient and develop new skills. Advanced capabilities such as first-time recognition, machine learning and teaching help AP departments achieve the highest possible invoice recognition rate as fast as possible in order to get a quicker ROI.

  • Increase AP department efficiency

    Multi-channel solution

    Optimise invoice management by enabling processing in any format and from any input channel, whether invoices are received by mail, email, fax, or EDI. By turning a machine-readable EDI invoice into a human-readable version, you can now apply standard AP processes to EDI invoices as well.

  • Accelerate closing procedures

    Esker Synergy AI

    Esker Synergy AI optimises invoice data extraction by using machine learning and deep learning to accurately extract and populate into a validation form (or auto-approved when no exception is detected).

  • Greater agility in accounting

    Predictive invoice coding

    Using AI-based predictive line items to code PO and non-PO invoices (e.g., G/L account, tax code, cost type, cost center), invoice data is auto-matched with the corresponding orders and goods receipts — enabling staff to quickly review and resolve exceptions from a single, consolidated view.

  • Reduce invoicing costs & delays with AI technology

    Touchless processing

    Invoices that require payment approvals are automatically routed to the right individual or group in charge. AI technologies are working hand-in-hand to enable touchless AP processing and expedite invoice payment approvals.

Ensure secure & unified global
process management

Esker’s cloud-based platform automates Finance and Customer Service functions and reduces operational costs by eliminating paper, transportation and physical filing. Its ease of use and customised interface maximises user adoption, while promoting invoice visibility across all formats and reception channels, including EDI. With one process consolidating all invoices, AP departments can help streamline the S2P cycle and facilitate business growth without operational restraints.


  • Manage cash efficiently

    One interface, multiple solutions

    Esker’s offers an end-to-end S2P solution suite, which includes automated AP as well as: supplier management, contract management, procurement, expense management and payment.

  • Empower your team members with actionable data

    Intelligent dashboards with real-time KPIs

    Allow finance teams and AP workflow users to customise AP metrics that are displayed on their interface in easy-to-read graphs and reports. This allows every action — from performing daily tasks to monitoring budgets — to be more strategic and value-added.

  • Esker easily connects to all your ERPs

    Multi-ERP integration

    Esker can handle as many ERPs as needed within one single environment. This type of unified cloud platform means all users work in the same experience, whether you’re using one ERP or multiple systems.

Supplier efficiency & collaboration

Make your company easy
to do business with

Avoiding procurement delays requires that companies build strong partnerships with their suppliers through timely payment of invoices, rapid dispute resolution and real-time communication. Therefore, it’s necessary for buyers to consider their level of attractiveness on the supplier markets and implement a systemic approach, build loyalty, develop supplier relationships, and enrich operational and economic performance.


Esker’s Accounts Payable solution provides a win-win situation for both sides.

  • Resolve issues quickly

    Online supplier portal

    As part of Esker’s Accounts Payable solution, a convenient online portal gives suppliers self-service access to payment information, helping them get paid quicker and reduce costs and, in turn, saving your company time and money previously allocated to responding to invoice status calls.

  • Optimise cash

    Dynamic discounting

    Allows your company to optimise cash and secure your supplier base by offering accelerated payments. Suppliers provide a discount in real-time to improve cashflow and reduce the cost of goods.

  • Reduce invoice-to-pay cycle time


    Users can have a 100% digitised process, from sign-off to payout. Every step and user action is recorded in the system ensuring the process is compliant and payments are timely and accurate. No more time wasted shuffling paper!

  • Greater visibility

    Supplier statement matching

    Not only ensuring that invoices are properly recorded, supplier statement matching also helps you improve on-time payment, achieve high accuracy of ledgers, reduce supplier queries and give time back to AP.

Risk management

Manage company cash from any location

Even though modernising AP has been imperative for years, the slow adoption of automation put many organisations in a highly vulnerable position if a business disruption occurs — late or missed payments, payment fraud attacks, and difficulty staying compliant. Esker’s Accounts Payable solution minimises these risks and enhances your company control by helping you:

  • Fight against APP fraud

    Sis ID integration

    Esker has partnered with French FinTech Sis ID to fight against authorised push payment (APP) fraud. Fully integrated with Esker’s S2P suite, Sis ID’s Sis Inside solution adds an anti-fraud shield to the user experience. Control maverick spend, reduce risks and bring visibility into spend.

  • Budgetary control, plus quick & easy approvals

    Basic and complex workflow handling

    New records are submitted to different users based on their profiles. Vendor-initiated changes trigger new approvals, reducing risk and protecting reputation.

  • Control your payments and alleviate operational costs

    The AP Specialist dashboard

    Displays the monetary value of potential late fees for invoices approaching their due date. Paying suppliers on time not only strengthens relationships with them but also helps companies reduce financial risks. Automatically match PO invoices with POs to ensure that there are no inconsistencies or risks of fraud.

  • Ensuring tax compliance

    Esker’s AP e-invoicing solution

    Delivers compliant, paperless invoice processing on a global scale. Keeping up with changing regulations is tricky and managing suppliers across borders adds even more complexity. Archived invoices are kept secure for as long as the local laws dictate.

Work smart, work mobile

Esker’s mobile application, Esker Anywhere, delivers faster invoice processing, improved efficiency, and on-the-road accessibility for managers who review and approve spend requests or supplier invoices prior to payment.

Thanks to mobile dashboards and metrics, managers can monitor their KPIs and business trends while on the go. The app is available for free from the Apple App Store® and Google Play. Once installed, users can connect to the application to view invoices pending approval.

"Even if somebody is out of the office, invoice approvals can be done anytime, anywhere with Esker's mobile application."​

Learn more about Esker Anywhere

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Frequently asked questions about Accounts Payable software

We’ve compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Esker’s Accounts Payable automation solution. Have a question you can’t find the answer to? Reach out by clicking the “Get in Touch” button below.

How does an Accounts Payable solution increase employee productivity?

It’s not uncommon for AP staff members to spend much of their time on manual tasks (e.g., entering invoice data into the ERP, hunting down approvals, printing and collecting documents, etc.). AI-driven AP automation solutions take care of all those repetitive, low-value admin activities, so you don’t have to. As a result, your team is free to focus on more strategic activities that impact cash management and your supplier relationships.

What advantages will I see with an automated AP invoicing solution?

Following the go-live of an AP automation solution, users can expect to see several transformational benefits. From an operational standpoint, accounts payable automation often translates to faster invoice processing times, lower costs, a simplified IT environment, and enhanced visibility over invoices and closing procedures (just to name a few). It can mean greater collaboration and overall satisfaction for your customers and staff. Lastly, for business, these solutions can ultimately lead to more business opportunities, expansion into new markets, and increased fraud prevention.

For instance, Esker's accounts payable solution significantly improved Sunway’s invoice processing. With a high volume of transactions, Sunway faced challenges like data entry errors, misplaced documents, and slow processing times. Through the adoption of our AP automation solutions, the company experienced a paradigm shift. The need for paper invoices were eliminated, approval workflows were simplified, and the physical document archival was reduced by 40%, freeing up valuable office space. The AP invoicing solution also improved supplier relationships, as they could now check the status of their invoices on a portal, leading to timely payments and fewer inquiries about invoice status. 

Delve into more details about how Esker improved Sunway’s accounts payable processing

On the other hand, Luxasia, a rapidly growing company in the luxury beauty industry, also benefited from Esker's accounts payable solution. In pursuit of centralised accounting operations and automated supplier invoice processing, Luxasia revolutionised its approach. By adopting our advanced accounts payable system, the company was able to seamlessly transition away from paper-based documentation, achieving streamlined workflows and fostering stronger relationships with suppliers. 

The implementation of our accounts payable solution led to faster approval times, increased productivity, and reduced operational costs. Find out more about their success story with Esker.

Do Accounts Payable software integrate with all ERPs?

Yes! To date, Esker has over 70 unique ERP or home-grown AP automation solutions. Our ERP connectivity suite also provides simultaneous integration with multiple ERPs, simplifying diverse environments resulting from M&A activity, streamlining onboarding, and supporting shared services centre initiatives.

Do Accounts Payable automation solutions replace my ERP system?

No! An automated Accounts Payable automation solution is not designed to replace ERPs; rather, the solution works alongside whatever system or systems currently in place to fill in the manual gaps most conventional ERPs can’t handle. This helps invoices get processed faster and more accurately while also helping your company maximise its ERP investment.

How does the Accounts Payable software handle invoice data extraction and automate data entry processes?

Esker's Accounts Payable software employs advanced AI and machine learning technologies to extract invoice data automatically. It streamlines the data entry process, reducing human error and freeing up staff time. This automation in data entry leads to a more efficient Accounts Payable system, saving both time and resources.

How does the Accounts Payable software improve compliance with regulations and internal policies?

Our Accounts Payable automation solution is built with compliance in mind. It incorporates rules-based workflows that align with your company's internal policies and regulatory requirements. This ensures a consistent and compliant approach to invoice processing. The software also maintains a complete and searchable record of all transactions, further supporting compliance efforts.

How does the Accounts Payable software handle exceptions and discrepancies in invoices?

When exceptions or discrepancies are detected in invoices, our AP automation solutions automatically flag them for review. This intelligent system allows for early detection and swift resolution of issues, significantly reducing the risk of payment errors and fostering better supplier relationships.

Can the Accounts Payable software automate the matching of purchase orders, invoices, and receipts

Absolutely! Esker's Accounts Payable software can automate the three-way matching of purchase orders, invoices, and receipts. This automation minimises errors and accelerates the approval process, ensuring timely payments and meeting supplier expectations.

How does the Accounts Payable software ensure compliance with audit requirements and provide an audit trail of invoice processing activities?

Esker's Accounts Payable automation solutions provide a comprehensive audit trail for each invoice processed. The system captures every action taken, from receipt to payment, providing complete visibility and transparency. This robust tracking capability and the system's adherence to compliance standards make audit processes smooth and worry-free.

You’re in good company. Explore some of the other companies and AP leaders that have benefited from automating their processes with Esker.
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