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A single solution for all 
your O2C needs

Whether it’s providing a 360° view over your customers’ behaviours through customer management or improving global speed and accuracy via AI and RPA technology, Esker’s integrated end-to-end platform is the digital foundation for all your O2C needs.


Eliminate manual data entry by enabling automated order processing.
Send & monitor credit apps while managing customers’ credit risks.
Deliver invoices according to customer preferences with 100% compliance.
Allow customers to easily & securely make their payments online.
Streamline cash allocation & deductions with auto-matching & root-cause analysis.
Reduce DSO with rule-based task lists & CRM-like data centralisation.




Esker Customer Named
“O2C Department of the Year”
AR & O2C Spotlight Awards
“Parts Town needed solutions that put us in a position to continue growth. Providing excellent customer service was the driving force behind our decision to partner with Esker, and we are now able to provide an improved process from start to finish.”

The Cure-All For O2C Challenges

With Esker’s AI-powered platform, companies can nip downstream O2C drama in the bud by seamlessly connecting people, process and technology. When it comes to truly collaborative solution for everyone from supply chain leaders to credit managers. Esker has you covered against challenges like:

  • Slower processing cycles at each stage
  • Sluggish cash flow & high DSO
  • Limited collaboration & low morale within O2C teams
  • Complexity of legacy systems & ERPs
  • Lack of visibility on global risk exposure
  • Increase in disputes & dissatisfied customers


If improving cash flow and customer experience was easy, every business would do it. Fortunately, Esker has the tools and technologies you need to make O2C excellence a reality.

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    Unite your people & processes

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    With universal access from a single platform and interface, Esker is the ideal digital foundation to unite your people and processes and deliver a superior customer experience — from initial order intake to e-invoicing, collections and beyond.

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    Improve global speed & accuracy

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    Whether it’s ensuring 100% precision and recall in data extraction or overcoming order and invoice “portal fatigue,” Esker’s cutting edge AI and RPA technology helps you turn daily transactional activities into value-added business gains.

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    Streamline payment & cash flow

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    Esker’s cloud-based O2C platform helps companies get paid faster by improving each step of the O2C cycle. Beyond collections and invoice delivery, Esker addresses the order-taking delays or errors that can impact cash collection and cash flow.

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    Create new revenue opportunities

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    Simply put, Esker’s O2C solutions make it easier for customers to conduct business with you. This type of end-to-end efficiency opens the door to new revenue opportunities that would have otherwise have been missed.

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