Order-to-cash automation

Kryptonite to high costs, low visibility and poor customer service 

Is your O2C performance sputtering because of limited visibility, processing errors and too many manual touch points? Esker fills these gaps in the O2C journey from beginning to end with our suite of collaborative, cloud-based solutions. Inefficiency has no place to hide.   

Order-to-cash is a complex cycle that involves multiple departments, teams and technologies within the organisation. Any delay in the flow of this interconnected system can set off a chain reaction of slower fulfillment times, lower customer experience scores and delayed payments. 

Automating processes in the O2C cycle equates to:

  • Improved end-to-end customer experience
  • Greater cost savings to invest in R&D
  • Increased collaboration and transparency
  • Streamlined cash flow management
  • Automate the entire order entry process from start to finish so that you can quickly process and track any order, regardless of format or delivery channel, with complete accuracy, visibility and efficiency.
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  • Take control of your AR processes from beginning to end using electronic invoice delivery and archiving of paper and e-invoices, automated collections management, online portal tools, and more.
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