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Transforming sourcing on demand

Esker eSourcing solution by Market Dojo allows procurement teams to manage and procure goods and services from external suppliers in a cost-effective and efficient manner. By running tenders and negotiating via on-demand auctions, users can identify the most suitable suppliers in the market, saving both time and money. Easy integration and accessibility means businesses are up and running in no time and achieving a positive ROI within days.

Why automate sourcing?

Together, Esker and Market Dojo help procurement teams of all sizes accelerate value creation, access decision-ready data, mitigate risk and strengthen supplier relationships. Thanks to an on-demand, best-of-breed sourcing tool, procurement teams can easily evolve from reactive back office functions to proactive strategic resources.

  • Save money

    Benefit from competitive pricing and reduce costs associated with traditional sourcing methods.

  • Accelerate process

    Save over 40% time gathering and formatting data and compliance.

  • Strengthen relationships

    Engage and collaborate effectively with key stakeholders and suppliers.

  • Gain insights

    Access powerful data-driven insights to create simple or complex reports.

  • Empower procurement

    Evolve your procurement team from a reactive back office function to a proactive, strategic resource.


Trusted by
leading businesses

“From the time we bought our Sourcing Dojo licence, to the time we had the RFP up and running, it was 24 hours. I couldn’t imagine doing anything faster than that.”

Sӧren Petsch, Director of Procurement at CommerceHub

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“The success was apparent almost right away. Members of the group went from being able to run maybe 1 or 2 RFPs at once, to a handful of them simultaneously within weeks. It has really enabled the team to impact a lot more of the business.”

David Latten, Head of Global Indirect Procurement at Logitech

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Sourcing features

  • Advanced sourcing functionality

    Perform all your tender activities in a single dedicated platform. Run eAuctions, RFIs, RFPs and RFQs with scoring, event weighting and document uploads. Advanced lots allow you to capture everything you need.

  • Integrated questionnaires

    Requesting supplier information has never been easier. Create weighted questionnaires with different question types, tables and document uploads. Automatic and manual scoring ensures consistently formatted answers and data centralisation.

  • Event cloning & templates

    Allow users to replicate part, or the entirety of, a previous event. The easy-to-use template system avoids lengthy set-up times and allows consistent formats throughout all events.

  • Excel import & export

    Enable participants to bid through spreadsheets thanks to Excel integration for event creation. Hosts are also able to export detailed summaries to produce post-event reports or import to other systems.

  • Centralised data

    Capture all supplier information and tender activities within the solution. Data is fully auditable and can be easily exported as a spreadsheet for reporting and post-event reviews.

  • Multi-stage RFQs

    Give procurement users the ability to configure the bid deadline for each new round, whether participants should be able to view their rank as it was at the end of the previous round, and which participants are to be included.

  • Multiscoring

    Run comprehensive RFx events including RFIs, RFPs and RFQs. Enable users to run complex weighted events with multiscoring, and allow them or a group of users to score questionnaire answers.

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