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E-invoicing offers significant benefits to any business. But there are plenty of challenges standing in the way of you and success — especially when it’s on a global scale. With decades of experience under our belt and robust global infrastructure in place, Esker provides your company precisely what’s needed to make your move to e-invoicing a triumphant one.


  • Lower costs, faster payments
  • Interoperability with any system
  • Flexibility with customers & suppliers
  • Global compliance in over 60 countries

Stay 100% compliant with all e-invoicing requirements.

With many governments and large corporations requiring e-invoicing, companies must adapt if they want to get paid. Esker helps you achieve global compliance in whatever technology you choose:


Through its Sovos partnership, Esker applies the appropriate e-signatures, time stamps and verifications in over 60 countries.


From receipt and posting to dispatch and e-archiving, Esker’s audit trail and reporting capabilities keep track of all customer orders.


Esker provides data formatting in the appropriate format (XML, EDIFACT, ANSI, etc.), secured exchange via any communication transport (AS2, VPN, SFTP, etc.), and interoperability with any platform.


Fully compliant with the EU Directive and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Esker’s e-archiving solution protects all invoices via a separate, secured infrastructure and web portal.


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12 Tips to Boost E-Invoicing Adoption

Finding Success with the Right Strategy

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Unique e-invoicing benefits for AP leaders

The supplier side of e-invoicing can be just as crucial as the customer side. When it comes to choosing an e-invoicing solution that can support a secure, collaborative and highly effective AP e-invoicing environment, Esker has the bonafides to get the job done the right way, right away.


  • Expert support for shared services centre initiatives

  • Customisable KPIs & on-the-go review & approval functionality

  • Multi-lingual capabilities & template-free technology
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Support for European e-invoicing mandates

The EU Directive on e-invoicing and public procurement (2014/55/EU) gives countries the opportunity to implement local legislation requiring vendors to send e-invoices to public administrations (PA) with the goal of making e-invoicing the predominant invoicing method in Europe by 2020. Other countries, such as Italy and France, have gone even further by mandating B2B and/or B2C e-invoicing for local businesses.

Esker helps companies deliver e-invoices in compliance with all the unique specifications of European countries. This includes processing any format (e.g., PDF, UBL, Facturae in Spain, Fattura-PA in Italy, etc.), communicating with PA platforms (including PEPPOL) to send e-invoices and provide status updates, and providing e-invoice archiving that’s compliant with the EU Directive and regulatory frameworks.

Learn more about mandatory e-invoicing in France, Italy , Spain, Portugal and Germany.


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