Esker Named as Winner in the 2020 SaaS Awards for Best SaaS for Improved Productivity

Esker Among Finalists in Multiple Categories of the Global Software Awards Program

Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong — September 15, 2020 — Esker, a worldwide leader in AI-driven process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, today announced that it has been named a winner in the 2020 SaaS Awards program in the Best SaaS for Improved Productivity category. The SaaS Awards celebrate excellence in software and accept entries from across the world, including the U.S., Canada, Australasia, U.K. and EMEA.

As the pandemic has caused monumental shifts in the way business is conducted, Esker’s all-encompassing solutions have allowed companies to better connect people and processes, improve speed and accuracy on a global scale, and create new revenue opportunities, all while streamlining payments and cash flow to keep their businesses running strong.

“We are proud to offer a solution that supports productivity for customers around the world, particularly during a time when organisations may need additional, hands-on support in creating efficiencies,” said Steve Smith, COO at Esker. “That makes this recognition from the SaaS Awards especially meaningful.”

Esker’s cloud-based Order Management automation solution earned recognition for supercharging productivity and supporting efficiency and accuracy across the entire supply chain by addressing concerns such as high costs, low visibility and order errors.

The solution also frees up employees from time-consuming manual tasks like reviewing, entering and tracking down orders, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities related to operations and customer service — therefore directing resources toward more productive outcomes. This is especially beneficial as our solution has allowed customer service to work efficiently from home in a time in which many industries have had to transition to remote work.

“This year’s swathe of remarkable submissions has been delivered in an atmosphere of seismic disruption across all industries,” said James Williams, head of operations for the SaaS Awards. “Ultimately, the very success of organisations can hinge on selecting the software vendors that work hardest for them and innovate ruthlessly — all while delivering the best results.”

As a provider of automation solutions that address the entire cash conversion cycle, Esker helps customers around the world improve productivity — not just in order management, but throughout the entire order-to-cash and procure-to-pay cycles. In addition to recognition as the Best SaaS for Improved Productivity, Esker was listed as a finalist in the Customer Services or CRM, Business Accounting or Finance, and Supply Chain or Warehouse Management categories.

“Once again, the SaaS Awards shortlist showcased an astounding weight of promising and proven technologies powering some very smart ideas,” Williams added. “The final winners all represent something especially creative, intelligent or simply successful, which often offer completely transformative solutions to modern business needs.”

The SaaS Awards is now closed for entries and will reopen for 2021 submissions later in the year. Hundreds of organisations entered, with international entries coming from North America, Canada, Australia, U.K., Europe and the Middle East. To view the shortlist and list of winners, please visit:

A sister program to the SaaS Awards, The Cloud Awards (, will soon be accepting submissions for a new 2020-21 program, continuing its recognition of excellence in cloud computing, with a deadline of October 23, 2020.


The SaaS Awards is a sister program to the Cloud Awards, which was founded in 2011. The SaaS Awards focuses on recognising excellence and innovation in software solutions. For the full shortlist of winners, please visit


Esker is a worldwide leader in AI-driven process automation software, helping financial and customer service departments digitally transform their procure-to-pay (P2P) and order-to-cash (O2C) cycles. Used by more than 6,000 companies worldwide, Esker’s solutions incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) technology to drive increased productivity, enhanced visibility, reduced fraud risk, and improved collaboration with customers, suppliers and internally. Founded in 1985, Esker operates in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific with global headquarters in Lyon, France, and U.S. headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. For more information on Esker and its solutions, visit Follow Esker on LinkedIn @EskerAsia and join the conversation on the Esker blog at