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Sales Order Automation That Delivers a Superior Customer Experience

Sales order management is tied to order-to-cash (O2C) success. Any loose ends and the whole thing can unravel. That’s where Esker comes in. Our automated order processing system uses AI and RPA technology to address the most repetitive, low-value areas of order taking all through one secure, centralised, cloud-based platform.

  • Customer Information ManagementBuild a framework for great customer experience where documents are accessed instantly & issues are addressed ASAP.
  • Sales Order ManagementElevate your speed, accuracy, analytics & customer service team by taking low-value admin tasks out of order taking.
  • Claims & Deductions ManagementTake the headaches out of entering claims & deductions via a convenient online form, auto-matching & root-cause analysis.
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Case study
HEINEKEN Spain processes orders 5 times faster with Esker's Order Management solution.
“We have reduced the number of order entry errors due to manual handling and sped up processing times. As a result, we have been able to invest more time on higher-value tasks, which has led to an increase in customer satisfaction”
Order Management Manager | HEINEKEN Spain
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Esker’s no stranger to the automated order processing game. In fact, we’ve been leading the way for decades, providing our customers with the most innovative and intuitive tools to:

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    Fulfill orders faster

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    With Esker, every order received is an electronic transaction, regardless of how it arrives (fax, email, EDI, etc.). After our AI bots extract the correct data, it’s presented to your team in a quick and easy electronic format. Sure beats manual data entry, huh?

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    Eliminate portal fatigue

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    Retrieving orders from portals can be a huge waste of time and resources — not with Esker. Our portal comes equipped with an RPA bot that automatically grabs a new order and pushes it into Esker’s solution. Voilà!

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    See everything, improve anything

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    From dashboard KPIs and items analytics to performance monitoring and mobile capabilities, Esker users have the luxury of tapping into a treasure trove of data anytime, anywhere in order to make every action smarter and more strategic.

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    Become easy to do business with

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    Being an Esker user means being a company that’s trusted by your customers to meet SLAs. With every order processed electronically and critical data only a click away, your team is able to work smarter, not harder to preserve a solid reputation.

Order-to-Cash Automation

Discover the 4 stages of benefits your business can expect with O2C automation

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Critical metrics have nowhere to hide.

Automation rates. Processing times. SLA compliance. Ever wonder what metrics you’re missing out on? With Esker’s intelligent dashboards, every user — even those on the go — can access pertinent order information at the click of a button.

For compliance purposes, Esker also keeps a complete audit trail of every sales order processing touch point, shedding light into who did what, when and where so users always know that the proper checks and validations took place.

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Let your customer service team shine. 

Customer service can be a stressful, thankless department. Be the hero your team (and customers) need with Esker’s Order Management solution. With an easy-to-user interface, customisable dashboards and self-service portal, customer service leaders can:

  • Eliminate backlogs from one day to the next
  • Expedite CSR productivity via automatic verifications
  • Allow CSRs to quickly and easily handle claims management
  • Free up time for upselling and more strategic activities
  • Create a happier, more fulfilling team environment 


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Elevate your EDI performance.

In theory, EDI order processing should be perfect — it isn’t. The lack of visibility, the limited process flexibility and the headaches caused by exceptions are all-too common.

Esker fixes these issues by centralising all orders, including EDI, in a single location, ensuring full visibility over the orders and improving processing through machine-learning technologies that can automatically correct obsolete part number or detect unusual quantities. By turning a machine-readable order into a human-readable version, CSRs no longer need IT support to simply understand an order or resolve an issue.

  • Apply the same business rules to all orders
  • Transform EDI flat files data into easy-to-read PDFs
  • Eliminate the need for IT support
  • Process IDoc, X12 and EDIFACT standard formats

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