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A more reliable, convenient way to fax

Even in the modern age of wireless, fax persists as a common form of business communication, particularly for production documents like invoices and sales/purchase orders. How does Esker Fax Server solutions fit into the mix? It's simple — we take the pain out of traditional faxing operations. Esker Fax Server solutions provide high-volume production faxing from enterprise applications, along with email-integrated desktop faxing. Best of all? We do it without requiring client software or extensive effort and training during deployment.


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    Eliminate the hassles
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    of fax machines via desktop faxing.
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    Remain flexible
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    with no limitations on peak volume/usage.
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    Automatically archive
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    every fax for optimal visibility and compliance.
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Improving Business by Improving Fax

Navigating the Fax Technologies

Integrate freely. Automate completely. 

Esker Fax Server solutions work with multiple business applications, financial systems and email platforms so that optimising critical business communication strategies is a breeze.


  • Esker Fax for SAP® applications.

    Esker Fax for SAP enables companies to fax while fully integrated with SAP applications. Esker offers an SAP connector that allows documents to be sent and received directly from and into SAP. Documents can be routed to users or directly to SAP application modules (and archived for later use). The SAP interface also manages status notifications that are sent back to the SAP system. Moreover, Esker Fax PCL5e and PostScript powerful converters preserve the original documents’ sharp fonts and clear graphics.

  • Esker Fax for Exchange.

    Esker Fax seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® Exchange Server, allowing users to send, receive and manage faxes through their standard Outlook or Exchange inboxes. Users can send and receive faxes through their email interface, unifying their messaging activities under a single client.

  • Esker Fax for ERP applications.

    Esker Fax for ERP gives companies the power to automate all fax applications, including high-volume production fax. Benefit from seamless integration with existing IT systems, and send and receive documents from any of your front- or back-office systems.

  • Esker Fax for Notes.

    The Esker Fax for Notes® server solution incorporates the Lotus® interface and Notes-based administration to automate faxing of any document form and application immediately — even without a desktop client. Implemented completely within the Notes/Domino environment, Esker Fax for Notes requires no modification of your Domino Directory name and address book.

  • Esker VSI-FAX.

    The Esker VSI-FAX multi-platform fax software enables faxing of any document from a large number of applications running on Linux, Unix or Windows Server 2008 R2 up to Windows Server 2019. If you have an active Esker Technical Support and Maintenance Plan, please use the Upgrade Request Form.
    Download an evaluation copy here.

Making the Most of Fax Virtualisation

With Boardless Technology



Transform your hardware into software with virtualisation.

Esker Fax Server solutions can be implemented on a virtual machine without any hardware by integrating fax with your Voice over IP network. Using the Dialogic® Brooktrout® SR140 platform, Fax over IP leverages your VoIP architecture to fax enable users and applications without any fax boards.

Virtualisation creates a simulated computer environment capable of hosting an operating system that runs as if it were installed on a stand-alone hardware platform. By transforming hardware into software — CPU, RAM, fax servers or hard disk — you create a virtual machine entirely functional and capable of executing its own OS and applications.

Here are a few of the exciting benefits you get with virtualisation:

  • Cost of operating fax servers lowered by up to 40%
  • Existing and expected future workloads consolidated
  • New services and applications up and running faster
  • Business continuity ensured
  • Reduced carbon footprint by moving from paper to digital workflows
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