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Creating an Efficient Digital Structure by Automating AP


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Collections management
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    Reduced DSO
    by scaling down manual duties
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    Staff time
    freed up to focus on strategic processes
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    Customer experience
    improved thanks to Esker’s customer portal

LinPepCo has more than 25 years of soft drink and vending product distribution experience with five branches covering Nebraska:PepsiCola of Western Nebraska,Pepsi-Cola of Hastings, Pepsi-Cola of Lincoln, Pepsi-Cola of Siouxland and Pepsi-Cola of Topeka. As a PepsiCola franchisee, LinPepCo’s dedication to customer satisfaction goes beyond soft drinks and vending products, with the company having a vital corporate presence in the communities it proudly serves.

“We knew there had to be a faster, more cost-effective way to help our staff collect and our customers make payments. Esker’s TermSync product offered that solution.
Jen Pfeifer| Director of IT 



Building and sustaining a successful enterprise demands a keen understanding of when and how to address potential issues — turning what could be a critical weakness into a value-added strength. As a Pepsi-Cola franchisee with 25 years in the distribution business, LinPepCo had the intuition to make a change in their accounts receivable (AR) collections process.

Freed up time for staff to do more strategic tasks and less administrative duties

Before Esker, LinPepCo relied on a largely manual process to manage its collections. Paper was prevalent, as the team was tasked with printing statements and sending reminders by hand “A lot of cost and manual labor went into that,” said Jen Pfeifer, Director of IT. One of the biggest goals LinPepCo wanted to achieve in implementing a new solution was to utilize as few different systems and technologies as possible.


Ultimately, it was Esker’s automated Collections Management solution that stood out for its robust capabilities and integration with VIP, LinPepCo’s existing software system. Esker’s business partnership with VIP meant an even faster and more seamless solution delivery process for LinPepCo with very few resources needed on the company’s end to get up and running.

“Esker was perfectly compatible with what we had in place and the implementation couldn’t have been more painless. After just a few weeks of going live, we had customers and team members telling us how slick the solution was.
Jen Pfeifer | Director of IT

Increased auto-pay customers by 69% since go-live

Approximately 67% of LinPepCo’s customer base (3,800 customers) is currently connected to and using Esker’s cloudbased solution. Nearly 1 in 4 customers are using the auto-pay feature, which has proven to be a significant timesaver for both the company and its customers.

Significantly reduced DSO, virtually eliminating customers in the 90-day past-due category

Improved customer experience thanks to Esker’s online service portal

All our goals have been accomplished with Esker’s Collections Management solution. Payment reminders are being sent out electronically, our staff is more productive and proactive, and our customers are happy. Everything we were hoping for was delivered.
Jen Pfeifer | Director of IT

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