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Everyone wins with Esker

There’s more to business than the bottom line. That’s why Esker believes in equipping you with technology that creates positive-sum growth. What is it? Just a fancy way of saying that when your company succeeds, it never happens at the expense of any team, individual or enterprise in your business ecosystem — everyone wins!

Keep your business agile,
resilient & competitive in any

Strengthen supplier
relationships by meeting their

Empower staff with work that’s
impactful, meaningful &

Be part of the climate solution
by reducing paper & carbon

Ensure customers have an
easy, reliable & memorable

Contribute to local economic
development by creating quality

"Positive-sum growth is the exact opposite of zero-sum growth. It not only serves the company, but all stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, and even the community in which the business operates."

Jean-Michel Bérard, Esker Founder & Chief Executive Officer

What it means for your company

The old “when I win, you lose” approach won’t cut it in today’s business environment. By automating finance and customer service processes, companies set themselves up for a foundation of future growth that’s truly built for The Long Haul.

  • More fulfilled &
    motivated staff

    Happy employees make for a healthy company. Esker’s technology makes it easier to attract & retain top talent to your company.

  • Increased value
    across the business

    Think “efficiency” is all automation’s good for? Pfft. Esker unlocks strategic value company wide, keeping you competitive.

  • Growth & resiliency
    in times of crisis

    Esker’s global cloud platform equips you with the tools to stay prepared, protected & proactive in any circumstance.





What it means for
your employees

Esker takes pride in developing AI-driven technologies that produce just as many human-friendly benefits as business-friendly ones, resulting in:

  • Jobs with greater dignity & meaning
  • Less stress & more autonomy
  • Increased career-pathing opportunities
  • Higher well-being & job satisfaction

“With Esker, our company is more capable of handling change and our employees feel more empowered and productive than ever.”

Angela Ying, NVIDIA Corporation, VP of Business Operation

NVIDIA's story

What it means for your customers

Name something more important than customer experience … we’ll wait. With Esker’s O2C solution suite by your side, you’ll fill the gaps in your process that can sour relationships and be the one thing every customer wants — a company that’s easy to do business with.

  • The right order at the right time

    Automation not only removes human error and other bottlenecks from the order management process, it builds customer trust by enabling you to meet SLAs and even offer self-service tools.

  • Simplified payments & fewer disputes

    Besides helping you get paid faster, Esker’s digital AR solutions ensure that every customer touch point in the invoice-to-cash process is streamlined — from onboarding, to filing claims, to payment.





What it means for
your suppliers

Automating with Esker not only brings efficiency to your daily S2P functions, it has a positively awesome impact on your suppliers’ experience, giving them:

  • Freedom to send invoices how they want
  • On-time or even early payment
  • Transparency at every stage
  • Supply chain financing

“What we liked most about Esker Accounts Payable is that it makes life easier for our suppliers thanks to the supplier portal.”

Alejando Suárez, Domingo Alonso,
Digital Analyst

Domingo Alonso's story

What it means for the planet

Future growth depends on environmental sustainability. Fortunately, that’s what Esker’s global cloud platform is all about, giving you tools that translate into real results like:

  • Less paper

    used in day-to-day activities, helping to save trees & reduce wasteful practices.

  • Less equipment

    needed to support manual operations, promoting long-term sustainability.

  • Less Carbon

    by using cloud computing, which has shown to reduce emissions up to 93%* *The carbon benefits of cloud computing: A study on the Microsoft Cloud in partnership with WSP. 2020. Microsoft.




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