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Imagine addressing your biggest priorities. All in a single solution. All at the same time. 

C-suite members may have different priorities company to company, but they all share common concerns. That's why big-picture thinkers need a big-picture solution. Esker's document process automation software is a perfect fit for those in upper management looking to do more of what they do best — driving profitability and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Emboldened with Esker's automation capabilities, finance execs and c-suite members can:

  • Eliminate wasteful spending and increase new revenue streams
  • Increase operational efficiency, visibility and collaboration
  • Grow and adapt as a company without taking on complexity
  • Generate greater staff productivity and satisfaction
  • Maintain current customers/suppliers and attract new ones

Base your decisions on analytics — not impulses. 

Making big, bold decisions is all in a day’s work for the average c-suite member. Esker’s powerful dashboards present packaged KPIs in an easy-to-read interface, allowing execs to trade finger-crossing and second-guessing for confidence and clarity. Here are just a handful of metrics c-suite members can view and track:


  • COO
    • Orders per month
    • Value of orders validated
    • Customer issues per month
    • Orders received but not yet
      entered in the ERP
    • Global visibility on your business and customers
  • CFO
    • Organisational spend overview
    • AP cash flow
    • AP process metrics
    • DSO and DPO
  • CIO
    • Ratio of EDI, web, fax and email orders
    • Average order processing time over last X months
Behind the times
Over one-third of finance executives still use manual methods (like Excel spreadsheets) to perform data collection, calculations and reporting.*
* Institute of Finance and Management


Protect your company from potential compliance issues. 

Government regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the HIPAA/HITECH Act and others can cause a lot of c-suite folks to lose sleep. Esker lets you rest easy. Our solution houses a complete audit trail of every manual touch point within critical document processes, making compliance a cake walk. 

No modifications can be made without leaving a trace thanks to Esker's modifications history, which quickly determines whether or not the proper checks and validations took place, and can even pinpoint the user who made changes. 

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Bring stability and integrity to every interaction. 

Bad business interactions can sour even the most loyal and longstanding customer or supplier relationships. By taking paper and manual pains out of critical document processes, Esker brings greater stability and integrity to every interaction between a business and its customers and suppliers by creating: 

  • Fewer document processing errors
  • More agreements being honoured 
  • Faster delivery, settlement and fulfillment
  • Greater transparency and collaboration

As a result, customer satisfaction rates are higher, which helps to retain key clients and increase future sales. 

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