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Standardise your global processes with Esker’s flexible cloud platform.

Set Up For Success

If you’re going to standardise, do it right. 

Moving your operations to a shared services centre (SSC) model is an important step for achieving global efficiency and cost savings. The problem is, many businesses are leaving value on the table due to lack of process control and visibility. Esker’s O2C and P2P automation solutions combine technologies such as intelligent capture, click-and-go processing and electronic workflow to fill in any gaps in your SSC model and pave the way for continual improvements.


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    processes across multiple locations.
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    country code management & multi-language support.
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    workflow independently of your ERP applications.
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    orders/invoices in real time & measure efficiency.

Global process improvement
“Esker represents a significant step forward for our company as we continue our drive for global process improvement. The ability to post invoices in SAP and see them with 100% visibility has had a significant impact on our success.”
Director of Global MRO Purchasing — Albemarle



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Setting Up a Shared Service for Success

How Cloud-Based Automation Supports Your Global Initiatives


Maintain business continuity as you make your move.

Business disruptions are the last thing a CFO, CIO or COO wants to think about. Thankfully, they won't have to with Esker's cloud-based solution. Because workflow is unified externally within the solution — even in diverse, multiple-ERP situations — business continuity is maintained.  Plus, 24/7 year-round monitoring means that companies can include locations in different time zones.

AP Invoice Automation

for Shared Services Centres


Fear of financial audits? Not with Esker. 

When SSC owners lack control and oversight over critical elements of their process, they are putting their company at real risk in the event of an audit. Esker’s intelligent cloud-based solution is equipped with real-time tracking capabilities so that any invoice can be tracked or evaluated at any time. When an invoice was processed, who processed it, what really caused the payment delay and other auditable data is all accessible with the click of a button. 


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