Order processing automation

Goodbye data entry. Hello efficiency.


Process every fax, email and EDI order electronically.

Forward-thinking businesses understand — sales order processing is a key component to both short- and long-term success. Any loose ends can slow down the supply chain and harm customer service. That’s where Esker comes in. Esker’s automated order management system allows users to electronically process and track any sales order or customer claim with 100% accuracy, visibility and efficiency.

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    automating orders with Esker
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    500k ORDERS
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    automated each month
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    supported worldwide for OCR
Moen cut its order processing time by 50% (4.5 to 2.5 minutes).
ASSA ABLOY saves an estimated $250,000 by reducing processing errors.

Unite key stakeholders to create an improved
customer experience. 

Far too often, key stakeholders simply don’t have the time or technology to focus on the most value-added aspects of their job. Not with Esker. Because every sales order is electronic and fully visible, team members are freed up to optimise their daily tasks. The collaborative nature of the solution also allows the customer-supplier relationship to thrive.  

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    • Submit orders in any format
    • Get notified when order ships
    • Speed up delivery process
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    Customer service REP (CSR)
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    • No more manual data entry
    • Access order data in real time
    • Track customer conversations
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    Customer Service Director
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    • Monitor team efficiency & workload
    • Analyse order processing trends
    • Award top-performing CSRs
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    • Process EDI orders like other orders
    • Track all orders in real time
    • Keep existing EDI infrastructure unchanged
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    Supply chain director
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    • Ensure on-time delivery
    • Identify & fix recurring issues
    • Access supporting documents instantly
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    • Get global visibility
    • Monitor order analytics over time
    • Schedule automatic reports

Let your customer service team shine.

Customer service can be a stressful, thankless department. Be the hero your team (and customers) need with Esker’s Order Processing solution. With an easy-to-user interface, customisable dashboards and self-service portal, customer service leaders can:

  • Bring accuracy and security to every order processed
  • Eliminate backlogs from one day to the next
  • Expedite CSR productivity via automatic verifications
  • Free up time for upselling and more strategic customer service
  • Create a happier, more fulfilling environment for your team


Watch It in Action

Customer Service Workbook

How Automation Drives Customer Service Excellence

76% faster order processing
“Esker is enabling the customer service department to work
smarter, better and faster.” 
Director of Global Customer Support — MEDRAD 


Read the full story

Critical metrics have nowhere to hide.

Identify urgent orders. Analyse the performance of team members. Monitor how many orders need to ship. There are a multitude of things order management folks wish they could do in a manual setting but simply can't. Esker’s intelligent dashboards with KPIs make it possible thanks to pertinent order information being readily available at the click of a button, even on the go.

For compliance purposes, Esker also keeps a complete audit trail of every touch point within sales order processing, shedding light into who did what, when and where so that users can monitor whether or not the proper checks and validations took place.

Process every complex order. Handle every EDI exception.

Resolving orders with EDI exceptions can be very time-consuming for CSRs and other team members. Esker fixes this issue, and the negative downstream effects it causes, by:


  • Transforming EDI flat file data into an easy-to-read PDF
  • Flagging discrepancies for CSRs to verify or correct
  • Learning and auto-correcting recurring discrepancies
  • Centralising all orders (including EDI) in one location

Handling EDI Exceptions

A Guide for Customer Service Professionals



Stay zen when it comes to customer issue management.

Of course, orders aren’t the only thing customer service is tasked with managing. Esker users can seamlessly manage customer claims from the same intuitive interface used for orders. With immediate access to any claim, CSRs are able to foster better customer relationships while simultaneously making their jobs far easier and less stressful.  



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