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Why automate claims & deductions with Esker?

Esker Claims & Deductions helps Customer Service and Accounts Receivable departments efficiently manage their claims and protect margins. Thanks to Al-driven data capture and electronic workflow capabilities, Esker manages both customer trade claims associated to promotions and marketing contributions, and non-trade claims related to shortages, damaged products or invoice price discrepancies that typically impact food, beverage, and consumer goods manufacturers and distributors.

  • Centralise claim information

    Detect all claims regardless of origin (email, short payment, remittance) & track all information in a single location.

  • Enhance visibility on receivables & revenue

    With real-time KPIs & dashboards, analyse claims by date, type or customer & review requested vs. authorised claim amount trends.

  • Facilitate cross-department collaboration

    When investigating & approving claims, connect data with order, promotion, invoice, delivery note or payment & easily collaborate through an internal chat tool.

What our customers say...

“Esker reads the headers and billing lines, thereby automating a low-value task. This allows us to spend more time processing trade and promotional invoices by applying customer agreements. Our CS department has saved over 500 hours per year, freeing up the representatives to focus on higher value tasks.”​

Susana López, Front-Office Retail Customer Service Manager, GBfoods

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“Esker enables me to see recurring customer claims within a given time period and specific stages of the customer experience. Thanks to increased visibility, I am able to improve processes based on precise metrics.”​

Javier Fernandez Linares, Customer Service Manager, Sanofi Spain

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Tools to digitally transform the claims process

When you see everything, you can handle anything

Thanks to intelligent dashboards featuring packaged KPIs and easy-to-read charts and reports, Customer Service and AR managers can track deductions, days deductions outstanding (DDO) and aging claims process trends in real-time, while also analysing claims by type, date or customer, and identify bottlenecks in the workflow.

Compliance concerns? Esker’s got you covered. A complete audit trail of every claim touch point is retained so that full transparency and accountability are ensured during the verification and approval process.

Portal fatigue? Bots to the rescue!

Many AR and Customer Service departments are painfully familiar with portal fatigue, as it’s often their job to retrieve supporting deduction documents from a customer portal or proof of delivery, bill of lading or delivery notes from carrier or transporter portals. Considering the number of different portals used, and the fact that not every user is trained on each one, it’s easy to see why portal fatigue is a real concern for today’s businesses.

Esker leverages RPA bots and available APIs to supports integration with your customer's portals to automate the retrieval of claim-related supporting documents and the dispute of specific claims.

Say “goodbye” to the pains of manual data entry

To facilitate claims investigation, Esker uses different layers of Al technology that extract data from documents and enrich claims with reliable information — no more manual data entry! Built on a set of technologies designed to mimic human intelligence, Esker Synergy AI captures data on customer-supporting documents such as payment remittances, debit notes, promotional invoices, credit requests or simple emails.

Esker Synergy identifies key header information (claim reference, customer name, amount or invoice number) as well as line information (products, quantities, prices or promotion references) and classifies the claim in the appropriate category (promotional agreement, price discrepancy, shortage, damaged products) based on the document content.

Accuracy is improved along the way thanks to Esker Synergy’s ability to automatically adapt to layout changes by learning from user corrections.

Approve or dispute claims quickly & accurately

Esker embeds a multi-level approval workflow within the solution that’s pre-configured based on the claim type (typically trade vs non-trade) and amount. This allows users from different departments to investigate and approve/dispute customer claims (sales reps for matters related to sales agreements and promotions, supply chain reps for issues related to delivered products, etc.).

Easily adapted to specific needs, workflow users can enrich the claim case with additional information and related documents, as well as add other coworkers to the claim workflow on a case-by-case basis. What’s more, by linking the customer claim with the associated internal documents (payment, promotion, invoice, delivery note or order), employees have easy access to all the information they need for fast and accurate approval/dispute of claims.

Increasing visibility into approved claims

Esker’s solution integrates with any ERP system thanks to a connectivity suite that provides multiple ERP integration options using middleware, APIs or managed file exchange — ultimately easing the pain when setting up a solution in a hybrid ERP environment.

When applied to Esker Claims & Deductions, the system integration capabilities automatically create claims from short payments, for tracking and further investigation purposes. Once claims have been settled/approved in Esker’s solution workflow, they can be automatically accounted for in the ERP as a credit note or on a G/L account, also clearing any residual debit if the customer already short paid.

Enhanced collaboration meets improved communication

An internal chat tool allows users to add participants to a given claim and informally gather additional information without having to go through the more formal approval workflow. These internal conversations are visible to all contributors directly on the claim.

Users can also clarify or dispute claims directly with customers, using external conversations. Predefined templates are available for email communications, which helps ensure consistency while adding a personal touch. When customers reply, their answers are automatically attached to the claim to make sure that the context is clear and no information is lost.

Reduce time, complexity & cost

Automate the Management of Customer Deductions

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