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Esker’s culture is shaped by values that guide our daily behaviour and inspire our 500 employees around the world to continue building intuitive and impactful solutions. These include: collaboration on a global level; basing our relations on trust and respect; innovation as a means of progress; carrying out actions with benevolence; and mobilising for the satisfaction of all. 

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We encourage open collaboration between departments and countries.
We bring people together and share ideas to grow strong and successful.

We believe that a successful organisation is built on respect and trust.
Appreciation and genuine communication create an environment where people feel truly valued.

Thinking outside the box is a skill we value greatly.
We start small and adapt along the way to reach ambitious goals — one story at a time.

A positive work environment promotes better performance.
We make sure everyone finds the right balance by respecting individual needs.

For our customers and employees, satisfaction isn’t just a goal, it's our mission.
Our experience and perseverance allow us to overcome challenges and deliver value.

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